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Stereolithography is some amazing technology that’s been around since the early 80’s.  A digital sculpt (3D Model) is created using 3D modeling software (I use Maya). The 3D file is then edited through “slicing” software that prepares the model for 3D printing. Liquid resin that plasticizes when exposed to UV light is introduced into the tub of the 3D printer. The Printer uses the data created from the modeling and slicing software to methodically develop paper thin layers, one on top of the other, by exposing UV light in the shape of that layers cross section until the final desired form is built, this can take several hours or even days depending on the size of the final piece. The 3D print is cleaned with solvent and exposed to more UV light to complete the curing process. Finally, a very delicate and meticulous process to remove support structures, repair and fine-sand the pieces, the model is then hand painted. The actual process is a bit more complex but this simplified explanation should help 🙂 Stereolithography allows for incredibly complex designs as well as small editions of sculptures that would not or could not be produced as production toys. These pieces are hand made and finished using a combination of modern technology and raw artistry.