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Cheese Cube "Classic" Puzzle Cube

Cheese Cube "Classic" Puzzle Cube

$ 480.00

Designed and produced to resemble a Swiss or Jarlsberg cheese in the "classic" style of the OG Rubiks Cube with applied custom vinyl decals, this cube has only one solution achieved by solving the air bubble placement on each side.

Limited edition of 4 individually hand made pieces

2.25" X 2.25" X 2.25"

Comes with display stand and signed COA.

Movement- The resin used resembles the feel and texture of the original "Rubiks Cube" and has smooth, easy movement.


These puzzles are designed by myself, individually hand made and finished using 3D software and photosensitive resins, each cube taking up to 10+ hours to create.

While entirely fully functional, with a hand made working interior mechanism, these are first and foremost art pieces. Depending on the materials used, movement on the cubes can range from "smooth" to "excessive" drag, making them poor choices if you are looking to move them quickly. Movement of each design is noted within its description so please read them carefully so you know what to expect.

These cubes are designed for display and it is NOT recommended to stray away from the solved state they arrive in and you do so at your own peril. The exterior center pieces are set through friction fit or as the original Rubiks Cube was built, glued in place and are not meant to be dismantled. It is Not recommended to dismantle the cube or attempt to.

As a designer, these cubes are what I would construct as prototypes in hopes that they are produced in a proper functional plastic material, and that is exactly what I am hoping for with their designs, these are prototypes. If you are a cube fan and also appreciate the design and production process as well as hand made craftsmanship, these are for you. Each design is hand made in a limited number and will not be reproduced again as they are displayed (New colorways may follow). There are no spare parts or replacements or repairs, these are original sculptural prototypes.

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